A well-known third party assurance body, specializes in testing, inspection and certification services.

With a dynamic of professional experts, our worldwide networks have been spreading out rapidly to 12 global footprints locating in Asia, Middle East, Europe, North America. Our Number of professionals is growing up while our service scope and service sector are expanding.

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Yout reliable testing partner along the supply chain.

With over 38 years of history, possesses state-of-the srt equipment and multi-discipline experts. should be your reliable testing partner along the supply chain.

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CMA Testing (Shanghai) expanded CMA+ services from Hong Kong to Shanghai
CMA Testing with CMA+’s participation in Canton Fair 2024 received coverage on Ming Pao Daily on 15 May 2024. During the interview, Ms. Sarah Cui, General Manager of CMA Testing (Shanghai), highlighted the expansion of CMA+ services from Hong Kong to Shanghai. This expansion aims to leverage the synergy between the two regions through deeper […]
Toys and Children’s Products Safety Ordinance (Amendment of Schedules 1 and 2) Notice 2024 Gazetted
The Toys and Children’s Products Safety Ordinance (Amendment of Schedules 1 and 2) Notice 2024 was officially released by the the Hong Kong government of China in the Gazette on 16 February 2024. The Notice seeks to update the safety standards for toys and six classes of children’s products listed in Schedule 2 (Schedule 2 […]
The Phase II of the 135th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)
The Phase II of the 135th Canton Fair commenced on 23 April 2024 and will exhibit until 27 April 2024. CMA Testing is thrilled to take part in this international event and to seize the opportunity to present our CMA+, a technology commercialization center that supports upgrade and transform industrial and commercial enterprises from new product […]
CMA Testing @ Hong Kong – Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park (HSITP)  – Partnership Launching Ceremony on 18 April 2024
On 18 April, the HSITP held the Partnership Launching Ceremony at the Hong Kong Government Headquarters. The ceremony was officiated by Mr. John LEE Ka-chiu, Chief Executive of the HKSAR. The Vice President of the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong and Chairman of CMA Testing, Mr. Robert LOK Pak-keung, signed the MoU on behalf […]
A-Fontane launched “VirusKiller™ revolutionary self-cleaning no-wash eco-friendly bedding products” with CMA+
Congratulations to A-Fontane, our CMA+ partner, has accomplished a remarkable milestone with the product launching of their “VirusKiller™ revolutionary self-cleaning no-wash eco-friendly bedding products” on 10 April 2024. At CMA+, we take immense pride in providing our partners unwavering support and invaluable expertise throughout their technology commercialization journey. We believe that the success cases of […]
Visit us at 2024 Canton Fair Spring
The 135th China Import and Export Fair will be held in Guangzhou from April 15 to May 5, 2024. CMA Testing will participate in the second phase of the exhibition, and welcome to visit the booth for guidance and on-site communication. Date: April 23-27, 2024 Place: No.380 Yuejiang Zhong Road, Haizhu District Guangzhou Booth: AT0306 […]
ECHA’s Restriction for the Ban of Microplastics
What is Microplastic? Microplastic was first coined by Richard Thompson in 2004. The European Union defined in REACH Annex XVII entry 78 that plastic of all dimensions under 5mm or length to diameter ration greater than 3 which is under 15mm are Microplastics. Microplastics usually comes from microbeads in facial scrubs, abrasive particles in sandblasting, […]
The CMA+ Shanghai Opening Ceremony cum Forum Held Successfully in Shanghai
The opening ceremony of CMA+ Shanghai, the technology commercialization platform of CMA Testing, successfully held at the East Lake Hotel in Shanghai on 21 March 2024. It brought together our distinguished guests, including Council and Association members to celebrate this special moment. Officiating at the ceremony were Director of the Hong Kong and Macao Section […]