Hardline products which most of the people pay less awareness on its safety are believed to be less harm to human, however, their quality and potential risks to health should not be ignored and the product recalls are regularly reported. So, if you are the buyer, retailers and manufacturers of hardline products, to avoid being listed on the product recall cases or claimed by the consumers due to product non-compliance, finding a trustworthy third-party testing laboratory can give you assurance and valuable advices before placing products on shelve.

To align with your company vision’s on global expansion and go with your distribution channels, we are capable to offer comprehensive hardline testing services in a wide product scopes including furniture, glassware, packaging, kitchenware and construction materials, etc.

Our Services

With reference to the physical and chemical requirements of different countries and industry requirements, our tailor-made services can:

  • Assure product quality to meet required global standards and regulations
  • Enhance product penetration in different targeted markets
  • Reduce risks of product recalls
  • Satisfy buyers’ increasing requirements

With years of development and a dynamic of professionals, our comprehensive services cover both physical and chemical requirements of your hardline products to give you functional, structural and material safety assurance in following consumer products:

Hardline Service

  • Packaging Testing

Packaging test secures your product shipping process with ease with regardless of locations, helps you reach the target markets on scheduled and in turn fasten the market penetration much earlier than your competitors.

  • Materials Testing
  • Paint and Coating Testing
  • Table Cutlery and Kitchenware
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Thermal shock
  • Crazing resistance
  • Usability

Lighter Testing

According to the General Product Safety Directive (GPSD) 2001/95/EC, Producers and distributors are required to ensure that products being imported and sold in EU market must be safe for human use under normal and reasonably foreseeable conditions.

The harmonized standard BS EN ISO 9994:2006 “Lighters-Safety Specification” has been used in defining the quality, reliability and safety of lighters with test procedures including the functional and fuel compatibility check. Moreover, proper label and permanent logo or name in identifying the manufacturer or distributor is also required. Testing items in EN ISO 9994 are as follow:

Functional Requirements:Structural Integrity Requirements:
• Flame heights
• Flame height adjustment
• Resistance to spitting or sputtering and flaring
• Compatibility with fuel
• Resistance to fuel loss
• Resistance to dropping
• Resistance to elevated temperature
• Resistance to internal pressure
• Burning behavior
• Resistance to cyclic burning
• Resistance to continuous burning

Glassware Testing

CMA Testing has been providing glassware testing service for many years to help our overseas buyers to assure their product quality before importing to their markets.

As a professional and reliable testing centre accredited by HKAS* in a series of glassware tests, we possesses extensive experience in performing one stop service for glassware safety testing and consultant services to ensure your product safe and prevent any product recall.

  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Real temper number
  • Product scratch test
  • Freezer safe
  • Ring/thud test
  • Dishwasher safe test
  • Microwave safe test
  • Visual inspection of glass product
  • 15 degree tilt test
  • Leachable lead & cadmium (BS 6748 target to British market / EN 1388 : 1995 target to general EU market)

* For the full scope of our accreditations, please refer to HOKLAS directory of accredited laboratories at HKOLAS website (Reg. no.: 004).

Consultancy Service

  • Tailor-made and ad-hoc tests ranged from bench scale tests to large-scale experimental tests
  • Court expert report
  • Specification design