VOC is the abbreviation of volatile organic compounds. VOC in the general sense is the command of organic matter; However, the definition in the sense of environmental protection refers to a kind of volatile organic compounds that are active, that is, the kind of volatile organic compounds that can cause harm.

CMA Testing can provide the following services:

  • Raw material risk assessment and suggestions
  • Tailored technical training and seminars
  • Supply chain management, including factory audit and sampling inspection
  • Hazardous substances and VOC test of ink, cleaning agent, adhesive and coating

At present, Yubiao Testing (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CMA Testing in Shenzhen, has obtained the Chinese metrological certification qualification for VOC testing of ink, detergent, adhesive and coating products according to the new national standard. The test items include:

  • GB 38508
  • GB 38507
  • GB 33372
  • GB 30981
  • GB 24409
  • GB 18582
  • GB 18581

Please contact us immediately to discuss how we can help you with your VOC solution.