CMA+ is a newly established “Technology Commercialization Center” under CMA Testing, which supports the upgrading and transformation of the industrial and commercial enterprises, new product development, and technology transfer service to enhance industrial competitiveness and promote the diversified development of the local technology industry, thereby improving the quality of life of the citizens and creating a comfort and safe social community. CMA+ is named as the collaboration work among the industry, academic and research sectors in addition to the core testing service of CMA Testing,  in assisting scientific research institutions, local traditional industries and start-ups by providing four cornerstones of “technology commercialization”: 1) Technology and certification Support, 2) Manufacturing Support & Supply Chain, 3) Financing & Legal Support, and 4) Sales & Marketing, which facilitate the commercialization of scientific research results. Therefore, CMA+ will play an important role and function by deeply understanding the needs of the industry, building communication bridges with scientific research institutions, and finally offering solutions to customers’ problems. We hope that more partners will join in the future so that CMA+ will develop into a pre-stage innovation and technology incubation center. This will not only provide Hong Kong with more opportunities for venture capital and academic industry alliances, but also help cultivate innovation and technology talents to promote Hong Kong’s high technology industry in a long run.

“CMA+ Pilot Manufacturing Center – PMC” is developed by CMA Testing that provides production sites and supporting facilities for enterprises and innovation and technology teams to support experimental production to reduce technical risks in the industrialization process and thereby accelerate scientific research. A small-volume trial production base for commercialization. “Pilot test”, also known as intermediate test, refers to the subsequent experiments of scientific research results, as well as test adjustments before mass production, including application development, technology transformation, design finalization, small batch trial production and user testing, etc., in the Mainland and overseas practical experience have proven that “pilot trials” are the key to the transformation and implementation of scientific and technological achievements. Hong Kong has strong scientific research strength, but it has always faced the problem of low success rate of commercialization of scientific research and poor economic benefits; “Through experimental production, on the one hand, it can help the R&D team to verify and improve the technology, and at the same time, it can improve the technology, production and be prepared in marketing and other aspects to create conditions for technology commercialization and industrialization. “The establishment of PMC can play a leading role in promoting the development of the “Hong Kong version of pilot trials” and improve Hong Kong’s innovation and technology ecological system, so that Hong Kong can integrate into the country’s innovation system and enhance Hong Kong’s position in the international scientific research value chain.

Currently, CMA+has opened an office in Shanghai. As a mega city in China and an important distribution hub, Shanghai, which has focused on developing high-tech industries and committed to digital transformation in recent years, has created CMA+to expand its scientific research and development to the Yangtze River Delta region. It continues to contribute to promoting national innovation and technological development, deepening cooperation between Hong Kong and domestic cities, and strengthening local support for Hong Kong businessmen and creative professionals who intend to expand the market in the Yangtze River Delta region, achieving mutual achievement and mutual benefit between Shanghai and Hong Kong.

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