INSPECTION may include the examination of materials, products, installations, plants, processes, work procedures, or services and the determination of their conformity with regulations, as well as the subsequent reporting of results of these activities to clients and, when applicable, to authorities. It plays a crucial role in helping factories ensure quality control, regulatory compliance, and overall operational efficiency.

CMA Testing provides independent inspection services starting from factory selection, pre-production, production, transportation to distribution. Our team of professionals is knowledgeable about various industries and their specific quality requirements. They can help perceive the defective products at an earlier stage, ensuring that the quality products are manufactured in accordance with the client’s requirements, that the production line is under good management, and that the factory is in good discipline. All of these factors contribute to assuring that the quality finished products arrive at the destination without delay and exceed client expectations, ultimately improving productivity, fostering client loyalty, and ensuring sustainable business growth.

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