On 21 June 2024, a training session titled “Rallying the Strength of Yulin to Aid in Yulin’s Products to Overseas” for Hong Kong’s High-quality Genuine Certification took place in Yulin City, China. The training aimed at enhancing the service effectiveness of certified enterprises in Yulin and strengthening their commitment and understanding with the market compliance requirements of Hong Kong and the international market. Also facilitating the entry of Yulin’s characteristic products into overseas markets, realizing the two-way channel for products between Yulin and Hong Kong, and effectively assisting certified enterprises in improving product quality, establishing brands, and expanding market reach.

At the training session, Mr. Joseph Chiu Ka-yu, the Senior Manager of Inspection, Certification, and Project Division of CMA Testing, acted as the representative for Wings Future Prosperity Limited, along with representatives from Yulin Zhizheng Food Company Limited, Yulin Sujin Food Company Limited, Guangxi Banana Valley Technology Company Limited, and Guangxi Hongbang Food Company Limited, signed technical service contract for the supply of products to Hong Kong. He also offered special training, providing valuable information on how Yulin enterprise products can truly enter Hong Kong supermarkets.

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