CMA Testing (CMA) provides various consultancy services for Air Pollution Assessment.

  • Ambient/Outdoor Air Quality
    Ambient/Outdoor Air Quality
  • Odour Measurement
    Odour Measurement
  • Stack Measurement
    Stack Measurement
  • Joss Paper Burner Measurement
    Joss Paper Burner Measurement
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
    Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

CMA is one of the approved Certificate Issuing Body (CIB) under Environmental Protection Department’s Indoor Air Quality Certification Scheme with various on-site services available, including but not limited to the below:

Gaseous Pollutants, Particulates, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) including individual VOCs , Odour, Radon, Bacteria, Bacteria, Fungi & Mould, Environmental Tobacco Smoke.

CMA provide services in a wide range of different indoor and outdoor sites including offices, public places, domestic buildings, universities and schools, factories and fixed plans, stacks, construction sites, carparks etc.

Some highlights of our services include Odour Measurement under EN 13725, Individual VOCs test and Soil Radon measurement.