Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions verification is an essential process for ensuring the accuracy and reliability of reported emissions data, particularly in the context of regulatory compliance, voluntary reporting, and carbon trading. It allows governments and other organizations with a comprehensive framework for quantifying, monitoring, reporting, and verifying greenhouse gas emissions and removals. These standards are designed to support organizations in participating in both mandatory and voluntary programs. In order to verify GHG emission, an organization’s GHG emissions inventory must be independently assessed by a qualified third-party verifier in compliance accordance with ISO 14064-3. It provides guides guidance for all phases of the verification process, including planning, conducting, evaluating, and reporting. The aim is to provide assurance that the reported data is complete, consistent, transparent, accurate, and in accordance with relevant standards or regulations.

Meanwhile, after reviewing the website content, I suggest tabulating the test parameters for our services to make it more presentable. Take an example as follow, the test items for drinking water could be consolidated into a table format.