Personal Protective Products, in general, are designed to protect individuals from potential hazards or dangers from the surrounding environment. These items include gloves, eye protection products and medical masks, etc. These products are essentials for individuals in everyday life, such as wearing a medical face mask in the public to protect against airborne illness.

At present, concern of the quality of the Personal Protective Products are growing around the world. Viruses that circulate in the human population and cause widespread illnesses especially during each influenza season, the concern of quality and safety of the medical masks are becoming a public concern. While paying attention to the personal safety, the effectiveness of Personal Protective Products are increasingly being paid more attention by consumers.

By prioritizing the safety and effectiveness of the Personal Protective Products, CMA Testing is now offering tests under certain safety regulations and testing requirements in different parts of the world. Protecting the consumers away from different kinds of hazards and danger, in physical, chemical and biological agents.