Adhesive is a good adhesive properties of the supplies, often used in construction and decoration, woodworking and furniture, paper products, food packaging, industrial assembly, etc., covering many different industries and fields.

In the environmental label type I certification, the adhesive is divided into seven units: water-based packaging, adhesives for shoes and bags, water-based building adhesives, solvent-based building adhesives, this type of building adhesives, carpet adhesives, and adhesives for book binding.  Therefore, in the certification process, it is necessary to provide corresponding quality inspection reports according to different application fields.

Among them, water-based adhesives and this type of adhesives are environmentally friendly adhesives, which are more in line with the low VOC requirements under the new policy, so there are more certification companies for related products.  In order to solve the needs of enterprises to test the quality performance of adhesives in the certification process, the following quality standard testing capabilities have been added and expanded on the basis of the original chemical project, provide assistance for enterprises’ environmental label certification.

  • The instruction and testing methods of EVA hot-melt adhesives for bookbinding CY/T 40-2007    New~
  • EVA hot-melt adhesives HG/T 3698-2002    
  • Polyvinyl acetate emulsion adhesives for woods HG/T 2727-2010    
  • Multi-purpose solvent-based polychloroprene adhesives HG/T 3738-2004    
  • Styrene-butadiene-styrene block copolymers (SBS) adhesives GB/T 27561-2011    
  • Technical requirement for environmental labeling products Adhesive HJ 2541-2016
  • Indoor decorating and refurbishing materials.Limit of harmful substances of adhersives GB 18583-2008
  • Limit of volatile organic compounds content in adhesive GB 33372-2020
  • Limit of hazardous substances in construction adhesive GB 30982-2014
  • Limit of hazardous substances in construction adhesive GB 19340-2014