For proprietary Chinese medicines registered in accordance with the Chinese Medicine Ordinance, the Certificate of Registration of a proprietary Chinese medicine (pCm) shall have effect for a period of 5 years. The Certificate holder will receive a “Notice of Renewal of Registration of pCm”, an “Application Form for Renewal of Registration of pCm” and a “Checklist for Submission of Supplementary Documents for Registration Renewal of pCm” from the Chinese Medicines Committee a year prior to the expiry of the Certificate. Applicants have to complete and submit documents related to the renewal within 6 months from the date of the Notice. Since it takes time to prepare some documents such as the stability test reports, Certificate holders must start preparing before receiving the Notice.

CMA Testing, a well-known third party assurance body, specializes in testing, inspection and certification services, our comprehensive pCm testing and consulting services can aid customers in solving a variety of issues in pCm registration. At the same time, CMA Testing also serves as a licensed pCm registration consultant and laboratory service provider for the Proprietary Chinese Medicine Registration Supporting Scheme (A3).

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