ClauseScopeDescription for the key changes in ST 2016 (2nd Edition):
3.21DefinitionDefinition of “ball” will be changed 
7.1.1MarkingI)The marking requirement for “Intended age range” was amended• Indication structure, location and size of lettering of “Intended age range” are stipulated in Annex III.• Toys without indication of “Intended age range” shall be regarded as toys intended for children of all ages.
7.1.1(2)Annex III( Newly Added )Indication structure, location and size of lettering of “Intended age range”
 i)Indication of “intended age range” shall be composed of the word “対象年齢” (intended age) and  the intended age of children
Terminology use for “Intended age range”
 i)“Intended age” shall be indicated in Arabic numerals.( Chinese characters are not allowed)
 ii)The word “才”(age) shall be used to indicate the age in “Intended age range” The use of formal word”歳”is also acceptable.
 iii)“Intended age” shall be indicated by the word “才”(age) or “月”(month), or combination of both;
 Iv)When “Intended age” is indicated by using word “月”(month), it is allowed only up to “48ケ月”(48 months)
 v)When “Intended age range” includes both ages of “upper limit” and “lower limit, the indication of the age for “lower limit” shall be fixed; the age for “upper limit” may be indicated with word”頃”.(Except for ride-on toys)
 vi)The word “對象年齡”(intended age) may be omitted when there is not enough space on packaging
 Vii)The word “年令”, the abbreviated character of ” 年齢”(age), may be used.
Location of indication for “Intended age range”
Note:  The requirement of Annex III shall apply only to “Intended age range” indicated on the front surface of the packaging.
The size of lettering for “Intended age range”
 II)When there are marks with messages other than “Intended age” near the indication for “Intended age range”, the size of “Intended age range” shall be equal or larger than these marks.
The color of indication for “Intended age range”
 i) “Intended age range” shall be indicated with a frame or given prominence by contract against its background which shall be solid (monochromatic).

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