On 3 Oct 2018, Japan Toy Association issued an update on warning label requirement for ST2016 standard.

The update is applicable to playdough which is made of wheat. It is in responsive to the warning issued by US FDA that raw dough may be contaminated by toxin producing E. Coli. (more specific, Shiga toxin-producing E coli. O121). The new requirement has been effective on 3 October 2018.

The warning for playdough which is made of wheat should be shown as below::

Two highlights for the new warning :

  • The playdough is not food. It may cause suffocation. Take extra care when it is made things in the form of food; 
  • Main ingredient is wheat. When children of wheat allergy, consult doctor before use. 

Revision of Japan Toy Safety Standard (ST 2016 2nd Edition) will be effective on 1 January, 2019. Please stay tuned with us for regulation update.