Russia is an important and newly developed market. However, it is not an easy task to simply step into Russia and promote your products with their well-developed national standards and requirements.
This article helps you to understand the basic steps of knowing how to entering Russian market.

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4 takeaways you can have :

  1. Technical Regulations for Toys
  2. Comply the Local Law
  3. Conformity Marking EAC
  4. Getting support from other professionals
Stepping into a new market is always not an easy task. Russia is an important market that cannot be overlooked. However, its national standards and certification systems are so complex that often being obstacles for traders to hold on the market development in Russia.
There are several technical regulations and certification systems currently in force and what requirements your products have to comply in order to pass through customs depend on the nature of your products.

1. Technical Regulations for Toys and Products for Children and Adolescents

For toys exporting to the Russian market, the technical Regulations CU TR 008/2011 regulates the safety of toys in the context of the Customs Union between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan by Decree No. 798 of 23.09.2011 of the Commission of the Customs Union was entered into force on 1 July 2012.

Regarding products for children and adolescents like clothing, shoes, baby clothes, dishes, books, etc., except toys, technical Regulations CU TR 007/2011 on the safety of products for children and adolescents was adopted within the framework of the Customs Union between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan by Decree No. 797 of 23.09.2011 of the Commission of the Customs Union came back into force on 1 July 2012.
In practice, any products coming onto the Customs Union markets (sales outlets and commissioning sites) after customs clearance should include originals / certified copies of certificates / declarations of conformity.2. You have to comply the local laws

Apart from meeting the above requirements, you, being the manufacturer / representative should also check through following points before launching the products into the market:
• comply with basic health and safety requirements (Technical Regulations CU TR 019/2011 or TP TC 017/2011)
• apply procedures for evaluation of conformity
• obtain the certificate: declaration of conformity and make sure that the latter is included in products
• make sure products bear the EAC mark
3. Conformity Marking EAC

For those products which are certified to be compliant with the essential health and safety requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Custom Union, TR conformity marking shall also be affixed visibly on the products and/or the accompanying documents, providing access to the free displacement of the machine on the whole territory of the Custom Union.

We, CMA Testing, support you by:
• obtaining certificates/declarations of conformity;
• taking advice on product labeling, and on documents required for issuing certificates/declarations of conformity;
• organizing and supporting on-site inspections at the point of production by the authorized experts;
• testing and analyzing your products at the authorized laboratories;
• developing specifications and reference systems for voluntary certification;
• monitoring sector-specific regulations
• monitoring regulations to pre-ensure that your products conform to all imposed requirements.
• providing applicable regulatory documents for your products (translation and comments by our experts).
4. Getting support from other professionals

From time to time, national requirements may be updated and most of you may not beware of it. What you may need is professional advice to help your products meeting the Russian requirements efficiently and effectively.

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Credit to: Nash Hovhannisyan, Certification manager, RST certification center

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