October 3, 2022 , The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has unanimously approved a final rule for the 16 CFR 1262 safety standard for magnets, including loose or separable magnets used in non-toy products, including those used for entertainment or stress relief, or jewelry. These requirements are intended to reduce or eliminate an unreasonable risk of death or injury to consumers who ingest one or more hazardous magnets. All applicable products manufactured or imported on or after October 21, 2022 will need to comply with this rule.

The rule designed to address magnets that are outside the scope of the ASTM F963-17 toy standard. Children’s toys that are subject to and already comply with the toy safety standard are exempt from this new rule. As toys containing magnets must meet such requirements as part of the Federal toy safety standard, 16 CFR 1250 (ASTM F963-17). But Children’s non-toy products containing magnets shall comply with 16 CFR 1262.

Examples of non-toy items that will be covered under 16 CFR 1262 include a consumer product that is designed, marketed, or intended to be used for entertainment, jewelry (including children’s jewelry), mental stimulation, stress relief, or a combination of these purposes, and that contains one or more loose or separable magnets. The final rule does not include items that are sold and/or distributed solely to school educators, researchers, professionals, and/or commercial or industrial users exclusively for educational, research, professional, commercial, and/or industrial purposes.

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