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CMA Testing, a well-known regional-based third party assurance body with rapid global expansion, specializes in testing, inspection services. With a dynamic team of professional experts, our worldwide networks have been spreading out rapidly within these 10 years. Up to now, there are 12 global footprints locating in Asia, Middle East, Europe, North America. Our number of professionals is growing up while our service scope and service sectors are expanding. With a promising growth under the mission of reliability, customization and professionalism, we are serving every party within a supply chain of every industry with our total solution regardless of locations.

Being a HOKLAS and HKIAS accredited third-party laboratory, we have served different industries for decades and has assisted corporations to successfully market their products globally.

Supported by technical experts and advanced testing facilities, CMA testing meets the testing, and inspection needs of manufacturers, traders and buyers around the world, providing diversified services on toys, electric and electrical products, textiles & garments, materials, chemicals, food & food contact articles, furniture, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, environmental and more.

Apart from testing and inspection services, more value-added services, such as product carbon footprint evaluations, standard and regulation updates, workshops and seminars and more are arranged regularly for our valuable customers and to support the industries. With prompt turnaround time and competitive rates, CMA Testing is approved by most global retail stores and buying offices and definitely your choice of reliable solution partner.

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